Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

For whom is this product?

It is for the people who suffer from teeth or gums problem, seeking alternative solutions. For example, you tooth got loose. Your dentist recommended to remove it or do a root canal treatment. You did not like any of these solutions. In this case, Natroral T-Optim could be your option.

How can I achieve a good result as expected?

This is a good question. The key is to keep your teeth clean while you use this product. When your teeth are clean, there are no barriers on your gums and the root of your ill tooth, the herbal medicine can access the injured tissues to do its work.

Does it help gums recession?

Yes, it does. For gums recession, we recommend to apply the powder directly on the exposed tooth root, twice a day. The powder spray or the canned package is better choice for this problem. Natroral T-Optim helps your gums to grow back.

Can your product improve bad breath?

Bad breath is originated from various issues in a body. But, if it is caused by rotten food residues around root of your teeth or dead tissues of gums, yes, our product may make a difference. Make sure that you have cleaned your teeth thoroughly, the bottom and between; then, you may use our mouthwash. It may help the growth of new body cells and kill tiny bugs in tooth cavity.

What does this mouthwash taste like?

It tastes like a strong tea that is mixed of several herbs. It is a bit salty since there is sea salt in it. It is much milder than those regular mouthwash in the market.

About Safty of Use

Is it safe to use this mouthwash?

Yes, it is. Most of the elements in our product can be found in super market, food section; A few are from herb stores. They are all acquired in Canada. The secret in herbal remedy is this: one or two ingredients are not so much, but when you put them together, they can make a difference.

Can I use it when my teeth are not ill?

Yes. You may use it to wash your mouth once or twice a week to prevent from severe problem. This product is composed of pure natural elements. Nothing is harmful to human body.

I am pregnent. Can I use it?

It is not recommanded for a pregnant woman. Pregnant women show different symptoms, reasons vary. Better stick with your dentist or doctor.

Can my child use it?

It is not for a child younger than 8 years of age since his / her teeth are growing.

How to Use It

How often should I use it?

It depends on the problem of your teeth. If you suffer from pain or sensitivity, you may use the mouthwash as an option for a week intensively, which means twice or three times a day. When the condition is improved, you may use it once a day or three times a week until it has recovered. If you have one tooth loose, you want to strengthen it, it will take longer period to get total recover.

How to use the product?

Take 5ml (about a teaspoon) of the powder and put it into a glass with measure. If you got the product in bag, then, open one small bag. Boil some water. Add 60 ~ 70 ml of water into the glass; stir it thoroughly. This quantity is for two times of usage, morning and evening. Use it as mouthwash.

Shipping Destinations

Where do you ship to?

For now, we ship only to our customers within Canada.