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Mouth Remedy Powder

Highlight: Strengthen loose tooth, restore receding gums, reduce toothache, and ease gum inflammation.
Product Summary: This package contains a bigger quantity of Natroral powder. It is composed of herbs and minerals. As fine powder for oral health, it can be applied directly onto swollen gums or mouth ulcer, or be used as mouthwash.
Net Weight: 150ml (75g)

Unit Price: $28.00 (CAD)

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Natroral Mouth Spray

Highlight: Recover receding gums, heal mouth ulcers, and relieve tooth pain.
Product Summary: This super-fine powder is bottled in a small container with spray nozzle. The package is mostly for gum recessions, tooth cavities and mouth ulcers (spot healing). It is a small bottle. You may carry it in your pocket.
Net Weight: 13ml (6.5g)

Unit Price: $15.00 (CAD)

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Natroral Mouthwash

Highlight: Strengthen loose tooth, help enamel reparation, sooth gum inflammation, and refresh breath.
Product Summary: Natroral mouthwash is a herb and mineral compound powder. It can be applied to strengthen a loose tooth and to heal damaged gums. This package contains 16 individual packages, each for a day.
Net Weight: 5ml x 16 (2.5g x 16)

Unit Price: $18.00 (CAD)

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