Home Remedy for Toothache with Mint

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Have you noticed that mint is widely used in oral products in the market? You see it everywhere you go in the world. For instance, most of mouthwash, toothpaste and chewing gums contain peppermint or mint oil. These products are labeled for building healthy teeth and refreshing breath. There is a long history in many cultures in which people use mint to relieve toothache. It has become a well-known home remedy for mild toothache. There are reasons for it.

Features of Mint

Mint contains menthol. It is an anti-bacterial element, helps deactivate bacterial that causes toothache. It is a natural remedy to relieve the pain.

Mint is recognized antioxidant. It is a substance that removes potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism. It may greatly improve gums conditions by its anti-inflammation nature.

Mint may sooth and calm an upset stomach, and it may also help upset tooth and gum cells. It has a cooling feature. Many cases of sore teeth are caused by inner body heat that is induced by certain food or drinks, such as spicy food or coffee. The unbalance leads to development of oral bacterial and infections. Mint helps balance the conditions; therefore, reduce tooth pain.

With strong smell and taste, mint refreshing breath. Mint oil has a soaking capability. It stays in your mouth for a while. If you are not that confident with your breath, before talking to people, you might want to wash your mouth with mint water or put two drops of mint oil in your mouth.

All these features and accessibility in market make mint a perfect home remedy for toothache. If you have a big family to take care of, you might want to plant some mint in your backyard.

How to Use Mint for Toothache

mint tea Fresh mint and mint extraction both can be used either internally or externally. There are many ways to use mint for soothing toothache as home remedy. The list below presents a small portion of that many ways.

  • Apply mint paste. Collect some fresh mint – one stalk shall be enough, and wash off dirt and sand. Let it dry off water from the surface. Cut the leaves and stalk into small pieces and smash it into paste. Apply the paste onto the spot in your mouth where irritates you. Let it stay until the fresh cool taste is gone; then, apply another portion.
  • ­Chew fresh mint leaves. Gather a few mint leaves and clean them up. Chew the leaves gently, let mint oil and fresh juice sooth your sore tooth.
  • ­Use mint oil. Mint oil can be found in some supermarkets or drug stores. Get the one with drop tube. Apply two drops of the oil to the tooth or gum that gives you pain, a few times a day as needed.
  • ­Drink mint tea. Take a few fresh mint or peppermint leaves and put them in a boiled water, the boiling water is better. When it cools down, drink the tea. This will help the tooth pain from inside out.
  • ­­Prepare a salad with mint. In your salad, add a few fresh mint leaves. Not only it benefit your teeth issues, but also it makes your meal delicious.
  • ­­­Cook soup with mint. Chop fresh mint leaves into slices, and add them into your soup at the end. There are many mind soup recipes available on the Internet. Find your favorite on and try it out.

Balance from Inside Out

Sore teeth can be also caused by negative emotions, from mind to body, then reflected in teeth. The biggest teeth killer is strong anxiety. That feeling of stagnation could burn out the flow of life force towards oral organism. In such case, mint may be a good help; but the root healing is to remedy your emotions with a peace of mind. When you understand this, it is the beginning of your recovery.



If your toothache is mild, or you have small swelling in your gums, you may apply some fresh mint or mint oil as home remedy. Drinking mint tea can be beneficial as well. If it does not help, you shall see your dentist.

Another alternative is to use Natroral products. The products contain mint, but combined with other natural ingredients. When you use mint alone, the effect is mild; when you combine it with other herbs and minerals, it makes a big difference. Natroral products are your optional home remedy for toothache.