Home Remedy To Strengthen Loose Adult Tooth

A loose tooth can be strengthened or regrown for an adult with home remedy.

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A common question that is increasingly asked is this:
"Can a loose tooth be strengthened for an adult?" Or,
"How to regrow a wiggled tooth with home remedy?" Or,
"What to do with my loose molar tooth at home?"

In matter of fact, a loose tooth can be strengthened for an adult. Even better, it can be totally and naturally recovered with home remedy. Some people name an adult tooth as permanent tooth. Either a permanent tooth is wiggly or totally loose, it can grow back like new. As the author of this article, I am a living proof to this statement.

A year ago, I had my second molar at bottom loose and painful. Not only it was loose, but also broken in the center, so the tooth enamel became two pieces, both attached at the root. At its bottom, my jawbone was swollen. That was a very stressful time.

My desire was to keep my tooth and had it regenerate itself. After some research and practice, I invented an herbal combination, Natroral Mouthwash, and applied to my troublesome area in my daily routine. Now the swelling has been far gone; the tooth has been totally strengthened, and grown back 95%: the two pieces are in the process of becoming one. I have started to use it again. Everything was done at home.

Can a Loose Adult Tooth Be Strengthened?

Yes, it can be. I will show you how later in this article. There are two big reasons for my confidence as basic understanding.

First, teeth are extended bones. They carry the natural attributes of bones. Life experience has taught us: a broken bone can grow back and strengthen itself. Teeth are the same. As an important part of human body, teeth are able to repair and grow themselves with very little human intervention. If this is not true, that bone grows back is simply a nonsense. Since you believe an injured body part can recover itself, you ought to believe an injured tooth can do the same. This understanding shall establish your new belief and grow some patience within you.

Second, every single cell of a tooth is alive, including enamel. A person is alive because her body cells are such. This is a commonly accepted logic. Living things are constantly changing and evolving, always trying to reach the optimized status, regardless you notice it or not. So as tooth cells. If a tooth is loose or wobbly due to illness, its cells are seeking self-healing in their natural course of existence. Sometimes an improvement is subtle, but with time, it becomes obvious. But, you would not see an improvement if you got that wobbly tooth removed.

If you experience a loose tooth, whether it can be strengthened or not, it also depends on your expectation. If you believe it can grow back, so it is; if you think a dentist has to remove it, so it is.

Home Remedy as Solution

As a true story of myself, what I did to strengthen and regrow my permanent tooth was simply these.

1. First thing of first, keeping my tooth and gum clean all the time.

Tooth sanity is the basic condition to help body cells rebuild themselves. In clinical practice, when someone is injured, the first thing a nurse does is to do cleansing and disinfection. The same procedure shall be applied to a loose tooth.

I used water floss to clean it up once or twice a day. At beginning while my tooth was very sensitive, I applied mild water stream, rinsing around the enamel, especially between the broken pieces; later when the pain was gone, I set it to stronger. A fine water stream is the only tool that is able to reach every corner and do a fantastic job without injuring gum tissues.

2. Second, using Natroral mouthwash, a pure natural product, every day to help tissue and bone to grow.

If you want to know why the product helps, please read the details on Why does Natroral work. Mostly I used the mouthwash twice a day; sometimes, applied a tiny quantity of powder around my molar tooth. With time, the pain was gone, the swelling was gone, and the tooth became more and more stable.

If you experience a loose tooth, whether it can be strengthened or not, it also depends on your expectation. If you believe it can grow back, so it is; if you think a dentist has to remove it, so it is.

3. The third, water flossing with the mouthwash liquid.

As I know well the attributes of Natroral products, from time to time, I used the clear mouthwash liquid to fill the tank of my water floss, and rinsed over my loose tooth. I am still doing it now frequently to clean all my adult teeth. This is an effective way to do cleansing and disinfection at the same time.

All these work were done with home remedy. It required no dentist work. The additional things I did to help were these.

  • Rinse my mouth after every eating, even drinking non-water drinks.
  • Not at all to use the loose tooth until it is totally recovered.
  • Drink no coffee when possible because coffee simulates infection.


When you have a loose adult tooth and you want to strengthen or restore it, there are many options to achieve your desired result. You shall always choose the path that you have the most ease, comfort and confidence to accomplish. This home remedy for loose tooth may add one more option to you.