Natural Remedies for Gum Recession

Do receding gums grow back? Yes, they do.

img receding gums

Gum recession is a common disturbance in all age groups. It has to be carefully dealt with at its earlier stage when a gum recession is mild, or it is on one tooth. The process of gum recession can be certainly stopped, even totally reversed. In this article, I will talk about the causes to gum recession, how to prevent from it, and most importantly, how to fix it with natural remedies.

The Cause of Receding Gums

Gum recession is also called gingival recession. It means the margin of gums joining teeth has atrophied, which causes the root to expose to food and drink. Since the root of teeth contains many nerves, sensitivity and pain can be triggered by acid, coldness or hotness. Sometimes, a cold wind can induce a sharp pain.

What could cause a gum recession? There are two main leads.

Teeth hygiene.

Gum recession is derived from accumulated bacteria. The bacteria is coming from residue of food and drink. At the corner where gum tissue joins tooth enamel, bacteria stays longer, and it eats up tissue cells to causes gums receding. Frequent deep cleaning and disinfecting may reverse receding process, and keep gum tissue healthy and strong.

Rough cleaning behavior.

Some people have an urge to whiten their teeth by brushing with force. This could cause damage to gums, peel off the attachment of gum to enamel, and lead to gum recession. Harsh vertical brushing may cause it to happen faster.

Improper using dental floss is another reason. Dental floss is strong. When use it against your gingiva, you might want to do it gently.

Once understanding the cause, you may start changing your habitual behavior regarding cleaning teeth. This is the beginning of fixing a receding gum.

Natural Remedies for Receding Gums

Receding gum is a type of disease because it affects your normal capability to enjoy life. A lot of people are suffering from it, not knowing it should be dealt with and it can be changed easily and quickly. Because it is so common among human being, it is considered as normal. No, it is not normal. The norm is that you have healthy and strong teeth and happy gums, and that you may eat and drink anything you choose.

Gum recession is a small issue if you pay attention and do something about it when it is mild. It is always easier at beginning of a trouble. Here I present two ways to remedy receding gums. To tell you the truth, the process of gum recession can be fixed, even totally reversed with natural remedy at home.

First, intense cleaning.

If the symptom is mild, or you have recession on one tooth, you may do an intense cleanup. Do it for a few days. The cleanup shall be done with disinfecting or antibiotic liquid. You may use regular mouthwash or dense salt water to rinse you mouth, or water flossing your teeth and gums.

Natroral mouthwash does a good job at disinfection, and it is all natural elements. When the gums are healthy, the cells of tissue regenerate themselves. This is written in the biological code of each living creature.

I recommend to use water floss, flossing the entire area where enamel and gums meet, and between, especially the one that troubles you most. Also, rinse your mouth after every eating. Once bacteria and dirt out, your receding gums shall grow back.

Acknowledge and remember this: we are living creature because every single cell in our physical body is alive and active. Dead cells are exiled. This shall give you confidence that you are able to fix your receding gums.

Second, I would apply Natroral mouth spray.

This is a true personal story. Several months ago, I had receding gum on one tooth. The gum line atrophied 2mm. I could not eat anything cold or hot. The sensitivity caused a sharp pain. I applied Natroral Mouth Spray on the spot, twice a day. In three days, the pain went away. Two weeks later, the gum grew back.

Natroral mouth spray is typically used for spot healing. It is composed natural elements, yet effective.

I have to mention that, during that two weeks, I also used Natroral mouthwash to fill the water tank of my water floss to clean my entire mouth every day. Both ways together reversed my gum recession.

This is not an advertisement, but a truth. You may choose your own way. For the reason of my confidence, you might want to read another article on How It Works.

Repair Missing Gums

If you have suffered a long lasting tooth sensitivity due to gum recession, the root has bigger area uncovered, you really want to see your dentist. There are more than one way in dental procedure to repair and treat a receding gum, depending on an individual case. This subject on its own can be explained in a long article. Your dentist is the best judge.

Although a dental procedure takes you a bit more trouble and it costs a lot, it is worth to get the work done by professionals. Your teeth are your best helper for you to enjoy what the earth has friendly produced. To majority of us, eating is one of our biggest pleasure in life. To the ones who are in a severe situation of gum recession, please make an appointment with your dentist now for your own good.

How to Prevent From Gum Recession

Minimum Cleanups

The first thing of first is to clean your teeth frequently. The minimum cleanse you may do is to rinse your mouth after every eating, regardless what you eat and how much you eat. If you drink something sweet, rinse it as well to remove sugar residue. The goal is to get rid off every bit substance in your mouth. This is a general rule.

Dental Floss

Besides tooth brush, dental floss is another standard tool for daily teeth cleaning. It is highly recommended by hygienists. My hygienist always reminds me at the end of my every appointment, “Floss daily between all your teeth.”

Because of this professional recommendation, I always carry a small box of dental floss in my handbag. It serves me well after every meal.

Dental floss does a great job in cleaning tiny space between two teeth. Comparing to toothpicks, it is more efficient and less harm to your gums.

Water Flossing

Dental floss is helpful, but it requires certain skill. If one is not using it properly, with time, it could cause a damage to gums; sometimes, gum recession. By flossing, you want to get out remaining food between and under your teeth, and not at all harm the roots and gums. On this account, I highly recommend you to add a water floss to your washroom counter.

I have used water flosser every day in the past four years, and found it very effective. Not only it cleans all possible corners, margins and between, as well it massages gums in a gentle manner. Since the force of the water stream can be adjusted, then, you may choose what level of power applied to your gums.

Sometimes, people experience severe trouble with their teeth or gums, brushing and thread flossing may cause sharp pain. In such case, water floss is the best option.

Water flossing may provide two benefits. One is cleaning; the other is to stimulate receding gums to grow back, provided that disinfection has been done. But remember, water floss cannot replace dental floss.

Seeing Your Hygienist

The fact is that no matter how you take care of your own teeth, cleaning, flossing and oil pulling, there is always tartar accumulated at the bottom of your teeth. From time to time, you want to see your hygienist to remove it.

A hygienist is well trained to clean your teeth. They have necessary skills and proper equipment. Any tough job in cleaning teeth should be done by your hygienist. Not only they are capable of cleaning thoroughly, but also they do a good disinfection to your mouth. Once or twice a year seeing your hygienist is recommended.

There are many other tools available for cleaning. You pick what you want. The rule of thumb is to clean your teeth and gums regularly and gently.


In conclusion, there are many natural remedies for gum recession. Above recommended are only a few. The key is to keep your gum line clean where gums and teeth meet. Water floss is a great tool. Floss with salt water, or even better, Natroral Mouthwash. The receding process can be certainly stopped or reversed.