Mouth Remedy Powder

Strengthen loose tooth, restore receding gums, reduce toothache, and ease gum inflammation.

Product Description

This package contains a 150ml of Natroral powder. It is composed of herbs and minerals. As fine powder for oral health, it can be applied directly onto swollen gums or mouth ulcer, or be used as mouthwash. As natural remedy and home remedy, the product can be used to strengthen loose teeth, restore receding gums, and sooth gum inflammation. Being used as regular mouthwash, it can maintain oral health.

How to Apply

For mouthwash, take 5ml (half teaspoon) of power and put into a clean glass. Add 60 ~ 80ml of boiled water and stir well. When it cools down, use as mouthwash. Let it stay in mouth for 3 to 5 minutes, and then spit out. For direct use, take tiny amount with your fingertips and apply to where it is needed.

Net Weight

150ml (75g)

Unit Price : $28.00