Natroral Mouthwash

Strengthen loose tooth, help enamel reparation, sooth gum inflammation, and refresh breath.

Product Description

Natroral mouthwash is a compound powder, made of herbs and minerals, being used as mouthwash. It can be applied to strengthen a loose tooth, stimulate the reparation of enamels, and to heal damaged gums. It has features of anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation; therefore, it refreshes breath. This package contains 16 individual packages, each for a day. It tastes better than regular mouthwash.

How to Apply

Open a small bag and pour out the powder into a glass. Add 60 ~ 80ml of boiled water, stir well. When it is cool down, take half of this water as mouthwash. Let it stay in your mouth for at least 5 minutes; then, spit out. One small bag of powder is for one day. Use it twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Net Weight

5ml x 16 (2.5g x 16)

Unit Price : $18.00